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Serving Our Clients For Over 20 Years

Established in Miami as a family owned and operated business, The Fence Company Miami has a single motive at heart – to serve and protect our clients. In our years of service, we have fenced countless houses, ensuring they’re well protected and secluded. 

With a passion for perfection as our vision, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations while ensuring that all their fencing needs are met promptly. With a focus on residential fencing services, our solutions cater to homeowners who require fences for protective, decorative, or aesthetic purposes.

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Fence Repair in MIAMI, FL

Foundation of The Fence Company Miami

Being an intricate task, fence work requires attention to detail – something we’ve always kept our priority. Over the years, we’ve built a team of talented fencing professionals who are known for their impeccable skills, dependability, and enthusiasm to provide the best for the clients. 

Thanks to our crew’s camaraderie, we’ve been able to instill teamwork at The Fence Company Miami to ensure all hands on deck. The combination of skill and mutual proactiveness allows us to carry out each step of the fencing process as smoothly as possible while meeting all our clients’ demands. 

Consequently, our fences have always managed to stand the test of time. While we keep up with the ever changing industry standards and advancements, our fences have held up successfully against weather changes and material wear and tear. 

Today, seeing our fences standing strong after years of installation in Miami households swells our hearts with pride. While our customer reviews are a reflection of our expertise and quality service, our fences’ longevity is more compelling proof of our fencing finesse. 

Since we take on small and large projects with equal passion and commitment, we measure our success in fence miles. Whether it’s a full fledged installation task or a small repair project, we do everything to our best ability because your satisfaction is our priority. 

Apart from the good old wooden fencing, our installation solutions include chain link fences too, giving homeowners a comprehensive range of fencing options to choose from. 

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Our Services


Fence Installation

We install all types of fence – both for commercial and residential applications. We install chain link, vinyl, wood, ornamental iron, and more. No fence project is too big or too small for The Fence Company Miami.


Fence Repair

Fences don’t last forever, even professionally installed ones. Fences could need repairs or replacements for any number of reasons, and often times you’ll only need to repair or fix a small portion of your fence


Wood Fencing

Protect your property, create a new privacy fence, and enjoy your time outdoors a little more with a fence from The Fence Company Miami.


Chain link fencing

Chain link fences offer the most economical option available for residential and commercial use in Miami. Chain link fencing is as economical as it is durable, which is why so many people choose to enclose their yards and businesses with chain link fencing.


Other Fence Types

Vinyl fencing is extremely low maintenance, comes in a wide array of colors and offers excellent privacy for your backyard.

Ensuring Reliable Fence Repair in Miami Services

A broken fence is a health hazard considering kids and pets might get injured by the sharp bits. Furthermore, missing panels defeat the protective purpose of a fence. If they’re loose, these panels can also become projectiles in case of a strong wind, injuring passersby in the nearby radius.

Fortunately for Miami homeowners, our fencing expertise isn’t merely limited to fence installation, as our team is also equipped with sufficient fencing knowledge and skill for repairs. From fixing your fence gates to replacing pickets, we do it all. 

Regardless of the fence type – vinyl, wooden, metal, chain-link, or composite – we have the tools and talent for fixing anything fence related. 

Whether the latch needs to be installed or the fence posts have to be secured in concrete, call on us, and we’ll be there to take up any fencing project.

If the goal is extra privacy, focus on fencing options that don’t have gaps or spaces between the boards. You will also want to select a higher fence that reaches your desired height or that of your property.

When the goal is security, a taller fence that is harder to climb is your go-to option. Adding a trellis at the top of a fence can add extra height and protection while also delivering a pleasant aesthetic touch.

If the goal is to keep children and pets away from the road, a chain link fence is a very good option that won’t obscure the view. Proper installation that prevents dogs from digging under fences is important!

If you’re trying to obscure an unpleasant sight, for example, the road, or simply want to give your neighbors their privacy, a fencing style with small gaps between the boards will allow you to block out views while still allowing light to pass through.

A fence with a minimum height of 48 inches is recommended as an appropriate safety barrier for homes with pools.

If the goal is to keep critters away from your yard, a high fence that is completely solid is advised. It’s not uncommon for deer to jump 8-foot fences to enter yards to nibble on shrubs, flowers, and garden vegetables.

For those looking for a low-maintenance, durable fence option, vinyl is an excellent choice that stands up to corrosion in coastal Florida’s humid, saltwater environments.

Too many options? No need to feel overwhelmed. Our team is here to show you the benefits behind every option and to give you a personalized assessment based on your property and, most importantly, its terrain. We’re also able to help you with custom or hybrid fencing solutions based on how you use your yard!

Why Choose Us For Fence Installation in Miami?

When we say we’re the best in the business, we’re not just throwing words around. Our craftsmanship and work quality speak for themselves. 

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We’ve been in town for a while now and our clientele has increased significantly in the past few years due to our dedication to even the smallest of the fencing projects. 

During this period, we’ve also learned new tricks of the trade, making sure that we use the best material, equipment, and methods for fence installation or repairs.

We’re not just a couple of handymen going about our way and fixing fences in the process. Our whole team has years of experience and are regularly trained in the latest fencing procedures and equipment usage. 

We emphasize keeping up with the times. That’s why our whole team is skillfully trained to understand all your fencing needs while doing the job right.

Having served in the fencing industry for so long, we can differentiate between high and low quality production at a glance. Putting this skill into action, we’ve made it our utmost priority to only use durable and premium quality material for all residential fencing projects. 

When you pay for a fence in Miami, you definitely want it to last for years. That’s exactly what we aim to deliver – longevity and durability.

Despite having a highly trained crew and only using the best material, we’ve kept our prices comfortable enough for our clients’ wallets. We believe that no one should have to compromise on their convenience or protection due to the lack of affordability. 

Therefore, we offer pocket friendly residential fencing services to ensure that homeowners never have to settle for anything less than the best.

At The Fence Company Miami, we follow a customer centric approach, ensuring that our clients are well aware of all fencing aspects before they pay for anything. 

Don’t know much about fencing? There’s no need to worry as our representatives are always a call away. You can schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your fencing needs with us. 

In this consultation, we’ll help you identify your requirements and give you an estimate so that you can make an informed choice. 

When winter is around the corner, you’d want the fencing to be done on time. We fully understand the urgency of fencing tasks. 

That’s why we boast a reputation for completing all our fencing projects on time and honoring the promises we make to our clients at the time of the first consultation. 

Regardless of the project’s size, if we say it will be done in a certain time period, we guarantee that you’ll see a fence erected on your property in time.

Since we’ve installed a Miami fence and gate in pretty much every part of the region, we’re familiar with the zoning regulations. Therefore, we adhere to the local laws when installing or replacing residential fences. 

Due to our outdoor fencing experience, we know how to deal with issues such as grading or local restrictions. Also, we’re perfectly knowledgeable about getting the paper permits for fencing. 

Apart from following these regulations ourselves, we also share them with our clients during the first consultation to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

While installing Miami fence and gate is where we began, we’ve expanded our services to repairing Miami fences too. Even today, our fence installation in Miami services are matchless and we don’t hesitate to claim that we’re the best you could find in the region. 

From installing a chain link fence in Miami to dealing in other kinds of fences, we do it all. In fact, we’d say that versatility is our strong suit and we aspire to increase our services with time.

Looking for a trusted concrete company in California?  Check out our trusted partners at Roseville Concrete Contractor.  We also recommend General Contractors Birmingham AL for all your home renovation needs.

Our Fence Installation In Miami Process

Once you contact us for fence installation in Miami, our process begins. Instead of following an unorganized approach, which is rather unprofessional too, we have a step by step process for our installation and fence repair in Miami services. 

While fence repairs are mostly quick, the installation process, especially commercial buildings, can take longer. Here are the steps for fence installation in Miami:

Step 1: Free Consultation

After you’ve gone through our website and checked the range of services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner you get in touch, the earlier we’ll be able to cater to you. 

Drop us an email or contact us through the website. We’ll get back to you promptly, setting up a consultation to discuss your fence in Miami project in detail.

Step 2: Free Estimate

In the first consultation, we help identify your fencing needs or have a discussion if you’ve already figured them out. Since the requirements and time needed for a chain link fence in Miami are different than that of wood, PVC, or aluminum, it’s important to consult the details with our clients beforehand. 

After analyzing the project’s proportion, we give you an estimated quote.

Step 3: Installation or Repair

Once we’ve sealed the deal with you, we start getting to work. During this time, we also let you know how long it will take for your installation or fence repair in Miami

Since we have a positive reputation for meeting deadlines, you can rest easy knowing that your fencing requirements will be delivered in time. 

Next, our team will arrive at your property to get started. From fence installation in Miami to repairing an old wood fence in Miami, our crew can handle everything. So, you can simply sit back and let us work our magic.

Step 4: Your Satisfaction

Finally, we deliver our promise and pride ourselves in seeing you satisfied. Over the years, we’ve had countless satisfied customers who express their happiness with our work in their reviews. 

Rest assured, we can vouch for the quality and durability of our fences. So, when we say our fences will be standing for decades, we speak with a firm belief backed by years of expertise and quality craftsmanship. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our fencing services and scheduling an appointment to start your project.

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At The Fence Company Miami we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. The Fence Company Miami has fence contractors for Miami and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.

Get your free quote today!

At The Fence Company Miami we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. The Fence Company Miami has fence contractors for Miami and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.

Get your free quote today!

At The Fence Company Miami we provide a wide variety of services for your next fence construction project for anything from wood fence installation, chain link fence repair to pre-cast concrete fence supplies. The Fence Company Miami has fence contractors for Miami and surrounding areas to help with your next fence construction project.