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Choices For Fence Installation In Miami

Are you searching for the best option in fences that Miami has to offer? Are you going to invest in a handy new enclosure and are still on the fence about fences? Let our experts give you a hand. 

We have a handy new selection of models available for you to choose from. Each style has been made with state of the art materials. Every one of them is backed with a full warranty of guaranteed quality direct from the manufacturer.

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Fence Installation Miami

Installing PVC Fence in Miami

While wood fences are most homeowners’ first choice, the fencing industry has grown substantially in the past decade to incorporate other materials into the available fencing solutions. As per our mission and values, we’ve kept up with the times, offering our customers multiple material options when it comes to picking the best fence for their residential properties.

Among all other options, PVC fences are the most requested choice by homeowners and for all the right reasons. PVC fences are available in many designs, from tall private ones, with slats that are too close to let anyone peek through, to ornamental ones with picket styles that have spaced-out slats. 

Additionally, you can opt for different accents, like a scalloped top, a post cap, or a lattice to complement the fence’s overall design. As for the colors, you can go for the classic whites and neutrals or add a color variation to your property with bright blues, reds, and greens. 

We can proudly affirm that every PVC fence in Miami that is installed by us has and will maintain its texture, build, and color after years of natural wear and tear. 

Install An Iron Fence in Miami

At the Fence Company in Miami, we exclusively use wrought iron fencing due to its durability and malleability. Since it’s easy to customize, you can create a design that’s unique to your taste and the overall look of your home. 

Did you know that wrought iron fencing is also called ‘100-year fencing’? That’s because it easily lasts a century without bending, breaking, or rusting. Whether it’s physical trauma from the weather or exposure to mechanical grinding, wrought iron successfully stands the test of time. Due to its lower susceptibility to damage, an iron fence in Miami makes the perfect choice for homeowners who are a bit careless about repairs and maintenance. 

The material hardly requires any maintenance and only has to be washed every once in a while to look as good as new. Even if rust spots do develop, all it takes is some sanding and a paint job to fix the problem. 

Speaking of problems, an iron fence effectively keeps our large animals in your yard and pests and transgressors out. It’s practically impossible to cut, and the ornamental spikes on the top of the fence also keep anyone from climbing onto your property. 

The cherry on top is the ‘street appeal’ wrought iron fences bring to your home. Since they improve the exterior appearance of your home, iron fences might get you a better selling price when you put your property on the market.

Why Hire Us For Your Fencing Projects?

Whether you’re eyeing a vinyl fence in Miami or hoping to get an aluminum fence in Miami, FL for your property, we are your go-to fence installers. Carrying a legacy of supreme craftsmanship and years of expertise, we’re the flag-bearers of finesse and quality in terms of fencing. 

For your next fencing project, don’t hesitate to give us a call because:

  • We offer free first consultation with an estimate, whether it’s for pool fences in Miami or a decorative picket fence around the yard. 
  • Our skill speaks for itself which is evident in the longevity of the fences we’ve installed in Miami homes in the past years. 
  • Despite using superior-quality materials and only having the best fence installers on board, our prices are easy on the pocket. In fact, our competitive pricing is excessively praised by our customers in their reviews. 
  • In an attempt to provide professional excellence, we keenly supervise every fence installation step, ensuring to present you the results on the date decided during the first consultation. 
  • Our versatility surpasses that of our competition. Wooden, PVC, metal, aluminum – you name it. We’re experts in installing all types of fences. 

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about our services, drop us an email or get in touch with us by calling.

Metal Fence miami

Your Ultimate Pick for Installing a Metal Fence in Miami

Gone are the days when you would consider a metal fence in Miami to be the last option on the list. In the past years, metal fencing has flourished, becoming a top pick by homeowners who want their properties to look unique yet stay well-protected. 

In addition to their natural sheen, metal and aluminum fence panels in Miami exhibit a stunning contrast against swimming pool landings and neutral-colored porches. Apart from giving your property a Victorian vibe due to their elegant touch, metal fences are also rigorously durable. 

Unlike wooden fences that require occasional repainting and sealing, metal fences last a lifetime. Since they’re embedded deep into the ground, they withstand harsh winds, snow, and other natural conditions while minimizing the need for maintenance. 

Most importantly, they’re not fed on by pests or termites that are a nuisance in homes with wooden fences. Along with their crime deterring ability, the security associated with a metal fence goes hand in hand with the aesthetic. Homeowners can also choose to install security systems or password-protected gates on metal fences to keep trespassers out.