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When it comes to getting a wood fence in Miami installed, you deserve to have it done the right way. You need a company with the know-how, the skills, the qualifications, and the experience necessary. You want to pay a fair price, but also find the perfect balance between quality and budget.

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Wood Fence Company In Miami, FL

Installing A Wood Fence In Miami

Being a classically traditional fencing option, wooden fences are still as popular as ever due to their durability, versatility, and affordable maintenance. At The Fence Company Miami, we laid the foundation of our business with wooden fences and continue to offer premium wood fence in Miami installation services in the region. 

Our fence installers can skillfully handle any degree of wood fence installation, whether it’s for aesthetics or security. In doing so, we go above and beyond to ensure that your fence is installed exactly the way you visualized. Wooden fences have always been a preferable pick among our customers due to their affordability and ease of installation. 

Since new fence installation is a sizable investment, we eliminate all your doubts and hesitation by guiding you about the best options in our initial consultation. While most ornamental fences are one size, wooden fences can be cut and trimmed to adjust the length for strengthening security or reducing a yard’s slope. 

A picket fence would not only look remarkable against the Miami landscape but also increase your property’s look as there are several colors, styles, heights, and textures to choose from. Most importantly, the wood fence in Miami is as ‘green’ as fencing gets. Being a biodegradable and recyclable material, wood is a renewable option for homeowners who believe in sustainability for the planet’s greater good. 

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Why Choose Us For Wood Fence Installation in Miami FL?

When on a hunt for a wood fence installation in Miami, FL service, let our proficient team be your pick and help us secure and decorate your home with high quality wooden fences. Since we exclusively utilize cedar wood and pressure treated pine, our fences will keep the insects and pests off your yard. 

Secondly, our quality craftsmanship is evident in the number of fences we’ve installed all over Miami since we entered the fencing industry. Admittedly, not as durable as PVC fences, our wooden fences have stood the trial against extreme weather and mechanical wear and tear. 

All this hard work, attention to detail, and quality material come at a price – fortunately, a very minimal one. We’re proud of our competitive pricing that has always given us an edge over our competitors, allowing our customers to reach out to us without worrying about the expense. 

A Trustworthy Fence Company in Miami For Wood Fences

Unlike most other companies, we don’t leave our customers alone after the initial wood fence installation in Miami, FL. Instead, we’re always available for Miami wood fence repairs and maintenance services.

Wood can have a hard time against nature’s test, being subjected to harsh winds, rain, and sun. 

To ensure minimum post installation maintenance for our customers, we use rot resistant lumber that is unaffected almost indefinitely. Despite this, if a wooden board is missing or the gate has come apart, we’re at your service for quick and effective repairs. 

Whatever your fencing needs are, don’t hesitate to contact The Fence Company Miami as our services extend from installation to repairs and catering to every need a homeowner could have. Schedule a consultation to discuss your fencing project in detail. 

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